haley kigbo

founder and curator 

A photographer by trade but an all-round creative at heart.

With a passion for creating interesting content, taking an explorative journey into sex and relationships, just like you might be.


bree turner

writer and Regular contributor

Melbourne based writer, performer, sexuality educator, and PhD candidate researching women’s experience of digital activism.

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Rhiann mcnally

writer and regular contributor

Freelance journalist and writer from Melbourne, Australia.

Graduated from  Swinburne University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts having co-majored in Journalism and Media.

A film buff, TV connoisseur, and an internet enthusiast with an interest in the news and politics, art and design, social justice and feminism.

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Kim Koelmeyer

writer and regular contributor

Law/Journalism student and writer from Melbourne, who writes when she’s not binging Netflix or tagging her friends in memes. Perpetually learning and unlearning.

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