Boosting Self Confidence with Style

Written by Rhiann McNally

People express themselves in all sorts of ways, and that includes through fashion. We spoke to Lex Mak, the man behind Mr. Gumbatron, about how style can affect confidence.

Featured in men's magazines, from GQ to Men's Style, he is considered one of the most influential Australian style icons of Instagram.

How you dress tells an important message about who you are. I have long stood by the saying, Dress how you like to be addressed.
— Lex mak

"Fashion and style not only helps men look the part but it can also reassure them and give them added confidence."

Lex says taking ownership of your style can often require time and patience. "You learn what style makes you look good but more importantly what style makes you feel good though experimentation."

Style means something different to everyone, Lex insists "Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are."

For Lex, fashion has always been important. "The practice of dressing up or putting effort into dressing up instils many core values into you; attention to detail, creativity and diligence just to name a few."

He says fashion allows you to express your personality, interests and outlooks on life. "How you dress can elude to some of these facets about your character to other people without you having to speak."

Lex explains that growing up, he was relatively introverted.  "The experimentation and creative process of developing my own style through the way I dressed helped boost my confidence."

The way you feel in your outfit is directly related to your outlook to others.
— Explains lex

"There is an undeniable feeling of confidence and stature every time I put on a peak lapel double breasted suit, it’s like my sartorial armour, it protects me and sends out a message to others that I am assertive."

"The way you feel in your outfit is directly related to your outlook to others." Lex explains that if you dress with confidence, you will come across as confident.

Lex believes men should put effort into everything they do. "If you don’t do it with conviction, then don’t do it at all. You don’t need to be a designer to create a stylish look, everyone has the capacity to do so, and it is all a matter of attitude and effort like most things in life."

"Dressing stylishly means dressing with a creative purpose, not necessarily looking great, because aesthetics are subjective." Experimenting with style will allow you to experiment with how you express yourself.

"This is an important lesson in one's personal development and will no doubt yield greater confidence."

For some style tips, be sure to take a look at Lex's instagram, @mrgumbatron.