Review; Nikki Darling Workshop

Dirty Talk & Role Play


First off, we’d like to point out that we were way out of our comfort zone for this review.

Encouraged by Nikki Darling’s founder, Lauren, we thought it was definitely worth going out on a limb for! We also heard that the presenters, Kate McCombs and Louise Bourchier, were top notch professionals in their field, so we were in for a great night.

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Surprisingly, the workshop was held at LOOP Project Space and Bar in Melbourne. It was awesome to see a space like that open it’s doors for a workshop on Dirty Talk and Role Play. Greeted by Lauren herself as you walked through the doors, the bar was already filled with intrigued participants (of all backgrounds and walks of life), ready to sink their teeth into the sold out workshop!

We won’t lie, having a drink from the bar definitely helped calm the nerves. The mood was relaxed from the get go - the perfect space to either sit with a group of friends or hide in a corner on your own.

Being the perfect sex educator duo, you could tell that Kate and Louise were the best choice for this workshop. Having worked with each other for over 6 years, they called themselves ‘professional soulmates’. Straight away they put the crowd at ease, acknowledging discomfort and no judgement if you have to leave the room at any time. You could tell that this workshop wouldn’t be one of awkward sex talks, but one of humor, intelligence and full of tips.

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After giving a little bit of their background they went straight into an outline of what they would talk about throughout the session;

  • Dirty talk

  • Craft time…..Eeeeeek!!!

  • Role play

  • Activity…...Eeeeek!!!

  • Q&A

Yes, crowd participation was on the list, but somehow Kate and Louise made it completely fun and interesting. The craft time and activity were a great tool to get everyone thinking constructively about how they could put what they'd learnt into practise. It also helped open up the floor and created a safe space for individuals to voice their experiences. Kate and Louise answered questions on the fly, which furthermore showcased their professional qualities and relaxed nature.

While we could talk for hours about all of the insightful and helpful information we learned from this workshop, we don’t want to give away too much of the experience for when you attend one of Nikki Darling’s Dirty Talk and Role Play workshops. We've never laughed or learnt so much from a workshop before!

Get in quick for their workshops, they are popular and rightfully so! We'll see you at the next one - front and center!