Review; Perlesque

Sex toys; exploring each others bodies


Meet Selene and Eris.


If you usually get overwhelmed by sex toys because they come in strange bright colours and weird shapes that look like uranium packed home-grown vegetables, then you’ll probably like what Persleque have crafted. These beauties are slim, functional, neutral and just lots of fun.

Regardless of how long you’ve been with you significant other, we found these two friends to be a great tool for exploring each other bodies - even if it leads to sex or not!

If you want to start things slow, we’d suggest using Selene first.

She is a palm massager with a range of different vibrations and pulses you can select if you desire a different feel. Though she isn’t for internal use, she is perfect for everything else. Brush her over you or your partner’s nipples or gently move Selene down your partner's back - going on an adventure with her is not to be missed. Depending on your mood, you can tease and tantalise, creating the perfect foreplay. Play with her roughly or softly. Take your time with her and she’ll deliver the goods! Just remember she isn’t waterproof so keep her dry.

Now, if you’re after some internal pleasure, say hello to Eris.

She is a rabbit vibrator that, wait for it, is waterproof! Take her in the shower, the bath or even a pool! The places you can go with her are endless! Being fully rechargable, the places she can take you are endless! With 7 different settings she will always leave you and/or your partner satisfied. We also love that you can use Eris any way you like - feeling a bit frisky? Use those rabbit ears! If you prefer a gentle play, use her circular bulb instead.


If you’re flying solo, you’ll get the ultimate pleasure you are craving. However, these two ladies, Selene and Eris, will help you and your partner explore each others bodies, and might just be the totally orgasmic tool you’ve been looking for.