Review; YES WB Lube

Water Based Organic Lubricant



YES to lube, YES to organic and YES to sleek relief!

Gone are the days of weirdly shaped lube bottles that somehow look like dildos! We have a new kid on the block - well, new to us! YES are ahead of the lube game with a considered and well researched product.

This month we spent a lot of our sexy time using YES Water Based Organic lube.


At first glance it could easily be mistaken for any boutique beauty product. If you are one to pick wines based on pretty labels like we do, then YES lube is for you. The product is just as good as their packaging. It's also important to note that YES was founded by two very daring and amazing women, Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks. With extensive experience and knowledge in drug safety they were able to create a great product that is free from harmful ingredients.

Being a water based lube, we found the texture thin yet comforting and doesn't leave behind weird and sticky goopiness! Which also meant we didn't find weird marks on our sheets! Even though you might get more lube than you bargained for when you squeeze the tube, it promotes a more is more approach. We decided  you actually can't have too much of the lube. Winky wink.



After confirming that YES is great in bed, we took a closer look at their packaging. We found out that not only can it be used in intimate sexual activity, it can also be used as a personal lubricant that helps moisturise vaginal and penile areas. So much relief!!

We also found it ticks off the following if you’re in to facts like us;

  • Certified Organic by the Soil Association (UK)

  • Natural plant-based intimate moisturiser AND lubricant

  • Latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene condom compatible

  • pH balanced to match the typical vaginal envorinment

  • No glycerin, no petrochemicals, no parabens present

  • Planet friendly; all packaging is recycable


If you are unsure of anything about the product, don't worry, they have included an informative pamphlet that tells you everything you need to know. They even have it explained in 5 other languages.

Hats off to you ladies, and thank you for saying YES to a product we will be using again...and again...and again.