Review; 'A Teen Girl's Guide to Getting Off' by Eva Sless

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Okay. Strap yourself in.


This book is for all kids regardless of gender.

This book is for teens.

This book is for those parents who don’t know how to have that conversion with their curious kids.

This book is for those who missed out on a decent sex and health education.

What a marvelous little guide. It is exactly that, a guide. No it isn’t all about biology and those lame words about the birds and the bees. It’s about much more than that. Everything from understanding what being a teenager can be like, the act of sex, understanding what porn and erotica is, right up to STI’s.

Most importantly this book doesn’t tell you not to have a sex as a teen, but rather accepts the fact that being a teen comes with exploration and a whole lot of ‘Why? What? How? Who am I? What is self care?’.

It tells you that being a teen not simple, it’s complicated, and that’s okay.

It also explains consent! (YES!) And while it focuses on a young female audience, there is so much in this little guide that is completely relevant to all. Writer, Eva Sless, includes everyone.

It’s also important to point out that for all parents out there, you may not agree to share some of this information with your child, but it’s so important you do! Chances are your kid will hear about some of these topics anyway, and it will probably be heard wrong. Its better they get the information correct from the get go.


Where this book differs from others of its kind, is that it gives the reader the basic knowledge to understand what certain things are and how you can deal with them. Sless doesn’t tell the reader what they should or shouldn’t be doing, she tells them if you are thinking of exploring this area then these are the things you should consider/learn first.

Even as an adult this book is an interesting little read. It’s contents should be added to the sex ed. classes of today! Some of us older folk come from a generation where sex education was only a little bit of biology, whatever else your friends knew or what your parents were game enough to tell you - with a book like this, it can change.

Thank you Sless for creating such a useful tool for sex education. It has been lacking for far too long.