Comradery; Using Water as a Tool

The Detachable Show Head

Written by Kim Koelmeyer
Artwork by Haley Kigbo

Ahh the detachable showerhead. Any house containing one would earn the women living in them a raised eyebrow or two. It’s like this shared, unspoken secret that exists in this plane of being, but not quite existing, like those 40-year-old women reading 50 Shades on the train before it took off.

But to me, it’s more than a sneaky way to get off under the cover of steam. It’s a figurehead for the sheer beauty and mundanity of sex that we so often forget in lieu of theatrics and taboo. It’s everything sex and sexuality could be if we just took a step back and detached ourselves from our preconceived notions of sex.

So, consider this my love letter to the detachable showerhead, in all its glory.

Photo 11-1-18, 10 16 36.png

 The Pure Femininity

Unfortunately, there is so little in the realm of sex that isn’t manufactured or manipulated for the pleasure of heterosexual men. Even lesbian relationships, the one union that shouldn’t involve any male pleasure whatsoever are fetishized by straight men, because god forbid something remotely sexual isn’t somehow oriented towards a penis. Feminine pleasure or sexuality has never gotten the attention, or acknowledgement it deserves.

One of the few exceptions is the detachable showerhead. It’s a purely feminine device, its wonders privy to women only, to the point that it’s evolved to become synonymous to feminine pleasure. When the vibe under the bed is simply too conspicuous, the trusty showerhead is there, just another part of the house loved by people with vaginas everywhere.


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The Mundane

Freud may have said sex is everywhere, but the detachable showerhead is a far cry from the cigar pipe. The thing I absolutely relish about the detachable showerhead is the sheer everyday nature of it. It’s literally a fixture that we’ve turned around and made into a vehicle of pleasure. A lesser me would make an ironic joke about getting dirty in a place of cleanliness, or getting wet, but a slightly bigger lesser me has opted just to lampshade it.

We usually exclaim that sex is everywhere with this sense of dejected resignation; it’s in our advertisements, songs and places they ought not to, and are being seen by the wrong eyes. It’s treated like something that ought to be our dirty little secret, not to be embraced or talked about in polite conversation. For something that’s meant to be invisible, it has this unusual influence on so many aspects of our lives anyway.

But I think the far reach of sex can be an equally positive thing. Sex can be found, and often is, everywhere, and that also means you can find it in the most unlikely of places; in the whisper of a correctly timed breath, in the whirr of a washing machine, or in the jets of a well- placed showerhead. And that’s the beauty of sex, it’s so painfully mundane in its nature. It’s one of the most natural things on Earth that’s shrouded in mystique and taboo

Maybe if we all could see that sex is just another part of life, a literal everyday object, we’d probably all be better off. The detachable showerhead is the perfect symbol of that ethos, both existing


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The Concentrated Water

There’s something so poetic to me about taking water, something that traditionally inhibits sex, and channeling it into a force of pleasure. In a world that often ignores feminine sexuality, we’ve always had to just make our own way, and the detachable showerhead is a chief example of this innovation.

Let’s be honest, shower sex isn’t always the hot, steamy romp that’s often depicted in the media. It’s a sloppy, awkward farce with the very real risk of slipping over into a pile of mismatched limbs. But here we are, taking that ill-advised, odd place of sexual activity and making it our own.

One day, a long time ago, some wise women looked at a detachable showerhead and saw an opportunity. The detachable showerhead is a symbol for feminine sexuality in its purest form; hidden from view, yet also in plain sight.