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Guidelines is an online blog and publiction that believes it should be easier to chat about sex and relationships. It is a place where there is no judgement, explores content for all, through articles, interviews, product reviews, accompanying photography and illustrations.

It's very important to note we are not offering professional advice at, we like to think of ourselves as a place to chat with your best friend.

We like to keep it casual, interesting, sexy, real and honest. Our readers like to relate to our content and also be challenged. No fake stuff, just the tangible things. The best content will make our readers share it with their friends without hesitation or embarassment.

Our writers, photographers, illustrators and creatives will have their own style, taste and personality shining through - they explore relevant, usual and unsual topics from different perspectives. Above all else, the most successful content speaks volumes of honesty and respect. 

We only accept original ideas/content and can not be in breach of any copyright laws. We love to hear your pitches and ideas, but cannot guarantee that your work will be published. It will only be approved if your submission meets our criteria. You will be contacted as soon as possible, regardless of the outcome, we don't like keeping you in the dark!

Thank you for your interest in, we look forward to hearing your ideas!

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